My research

In my research I aim understand how we can make our physical and social environments conducive to health. My main focus is on preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs), otherwise known as chronic diseases, and reducing inequalities.


My bookshelf


My PhD – physical activity in UK South Asians

I am interested in reducing inequalities in health and for my PhD I explored how ethnicity affects physical activity, focusing on how it differs between generations of South Asians living in the UK. I aimed to find out how the many influences on physical activity affect the 2nd generation of South Asians (born in the UK or moved here at a young age). These influences include neighbourhood environments, the media, family, schools, religion, gender and age.

Here are links or blog posts on the papers I have written so far. Watch this space for more!

  • A paper exploring the different types of physical activities done by UK South Asians, in comparison to the White British group.

Social and physical environments

As well as ethnicity and inequalities, I also research how built and social environments influence our health and behaviours. For example, how can our social networks be used to improve health? How does public transport infrastructure influence whether we are likely to commute in a physically active way?

Epidemiology of heart disease

For many years I have explored patterns of deaths from heart disease. This allows us to understand who has the largest burden and where those people are living. This work funded my PhD studies. These days I want to focus more on figuring out how to prevent disease so I am doing less on this area these days.

This work is published by the BHF and you can find all of the information on their website.